Powerful Protein


Protein helps build, maintain and repair muscle. Eating more protein than the body can use will not build larger, stronger muscles.
• It’s best to have several small meals a day that are high in carbs with added protein.
• Don’t eat protein within a couple hours prior to practice, but follow practice with a carb + protein snack.
• Choose lean meats and low-fat, non-greasy choices.

Research shows that most athletes are already consuming more protein than their body can use (US Anti-doping Agency)

Lean beef
Broiled fish
String Cheese
Cottage Cheese
Whole wheat breads
Peanut or almond butter

Taking protein supplements or powdered shakes doesn’t guarantee the building of stronger muscles and may be contaminated with banned substances.

Recommended Doses
Lb of body weight X .54-.95gms= daily protein
15-25% of calories


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