To those who imagineer a big life…and their moms..

Moms (and dads) of champions, of those who maximize their potential and achieve huge accomplishments….

are the ones who quietly drive the miles, make a ridiculous number of healthy meals, wash countless loads of laundry, cry when their kids struggle, lift them up when they hurt, cheer loudest when they need encouragement, work 3…4… jobs to pay for training…

because they choose to match the investment made by their child.

They cannot force passion.
They cannot manufacture talent.
They let the athlete be the athlete.
They let the coach, coach.

They can simply love and believe in their child’s potential.
They ensure their child has the best environment to thrive and a home that’s a sanctuary for rest and relief.
They’re the greatest comforter and cheerleader.
They are always present.

That is the role of mom.
(and dad).

Thanks P & G. Thanks. There are many moms out here.


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