C’s and Z’s

There’s more to excelling in sports than hard-core training. Strength, speed and power conditioning is clearly central, but building intentional recovery into the program will produce better results. Improving nutrition and rest as well as adding self-message and dynamic stretching can maximize overall performance.

A human body needs fuel to function. The more a body moves, the more fuel it needs so, as the level of training is modified, the demand for fuel must be adjusted proportionately.

Nutrition is an essential component of athletic performance. Choosing wisely increases the potential for maximum performance and competitive advantage in addition to maintaining overall fitness and good health.

For Optimal Fueling:
• Start fueling first thing in the morning by eating breakfast and snack strong every 2 hours throughout the day. Think carb+carb+protein
• Take one water-bottle filled with electrolyte replacement drink for every hour of practice
• Pack a carb+protein snack to eat immediately after practice
• Use food, not supplements.


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