Pre-Prax Eat Up

Pre-Practice Fueling
Fueling 3-4 hours before practice increases performance, mental focus, lowers fatigue and perceived exertion thus maximizing training. Lower the quantity eaten as practice time gets closer.

Best Pre-Prax meals:
High Carb, Low grease/fat, small amount of protein. Salty is good.

On the way to practice or competition:
½ whole grain bagel or toast*
Clif Bar, Lara Bar, Odawalla Bars**
Whole Grain Crackers* (Triskets, Wheat Thins)
Dried Fruit, raisins
Pretzels, baked chips
Fig bars
**bars contain natural ingredients, free from possible additives that would conflict with USADA doping regulations.

Longer time prior to prax:
Oatmeal w/ lowfat milk
Pancakes or waffles (low-fat mix, add ¼ cup milled flaxseed and/or wheat germ. Adds mucho nutrition without affecting taste)
Fresh fruit
Yogurt (low-fat, low sugar)
Fruit smoothy w fresh fruit, yogurt, 100% fruit juice
Whole bagel*
Trail mix (not the kind with chocolate)
Yogurt raisins
Baked Potato

Hours before:
Think protein + carb + carb

Chicken or fish + rice + vegetables
Whole grain bread + sliced turkey breast (homemade, not deli) + lettuce, tomato, roasted pepper etc.
Pasta (high Omega 3 variety) + tomato sauce
Cottage cheese + pineapple chunks or peaches (in own juice)

Got a favorite?


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