What your body needs during practice

If practice lasts more than 45 minutes, especially with continuous movement, muscles have depleted the stores of energy and need to have it replaced to improve performance.

Choose an electrolyte replacement drink with a carb concentration between 6-8%:
All Sport
PowerBar Endurance
Gatorade G, (G2 doesn’t have enough of a carb concentration to be helpful)

Avoid drinks with a higher carb concentration since they’ll cause cramping and diarrhea:
Chocolate milk

Energy drinks should be avoided because they typically contain one or more stimulants that are banned by USADA. They provide a false sense of authentic performance, and if depended upon won’t give an athlete a true representation of their actual abilities. When faced with collegiate or national competition, random drug testing will screen for these stimulants, and if found positive, could mean being banned from competing at that level for years.


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