Crab Wars

The response to the “Crabs” post continues to be overwhelming. It has clearly struck a nerve for many.

The number of reads, personal contacts, Facebook messages and reposts, emails, texts has taken me by surprise. So many stories of stand offs with crabs. “Crabs” has become understood lingo.

The interesting thing is that everyone wanted to tell their story. They wanted to share their crab attack tale but didn’t want to do so publicly. “They’ll know I’m talking about them” was said again and again.

It struck me that Crabs are adult bullies.

Grown victims are the ones withdrawing and conceding. We’re hiding in defense by literally withdrawing or playing nicey nice with them even knowing the bad behavior that is hurting us, or athletes or others. Meanwhile, the crabs scuddle with their claws held high in victory.

After some thought, I wondered why we let the crabs take us and win?
We’re competitive people. Why do we walk off the field without even engaging them?

Are we afraid of backlash? They are bullies after all.
Is it that we don’t want to become like them and talk behind someone’s back?
Is it that we don’t want to fuel the situation, inflaming it or believe that by letting it go, it’ll subside?
Or do we simply embrace Karma? Someone said, “If we give them enough rope, they’ll hang themselves eventually”.

But in doing nothing, do we indirectly validate bad behavior of bully sportsparents?
Are we cultivating a culture of excellence when we don’t face-down the Crabs?

What should be done to create a culture of excellence where we raise champions and we model champion behavior?

Join the convo. What ought we do when engaged in Crab Wars?


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